Melrose Solutions Ltd.

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Melrose Solutions is a small Web-Development consultancy, with over 20 years experience building digital solutions.

Most applications aim to meet their current requirements. We help you build Enterprise level systems that go much further:


Change is constant and often unpredictable. Some systems can be out of date before they're finished. Writing code that is Modular, with well defined and separated dependencies enables you to build new features without expensive refactoring.


Solving complex problems is difficult - creating simple solutions is an art form. If your code is intricate or poorly documented, future developers will break it or approach changes with trepidation. Worse, features can break silently. With careful structuring, and using code quality tools such as Unit Testing, Linting and Type Definitions, you can embrace change with confidence.


Users expect your application to be fast, no matter what type of device or connection they have. If not, they go elsewhere.


Applications need to support all types of hardware, connections, interactions and most importantly users. More importantly, that experience should always be positive. It needn't take a huge effort to achieve this, but takes careful planning from the start.

Current areas of experise include:

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